About New York Irish History Roundtable

Founded in 1984, the New York Irish History Roundtable promotes interest in and research on the 300-year history of people of Irish heritage in New York City. Its purpose is to provide opportunities to exchange information, and for members to learn from each other, about the complex relationship between the Irish and New York City since the colonial period. It sponsors lectures, field-trips, walking tours, special projects, graduate and undergraduate scholarships, museum exhibitions, genealogy workshops, newsletters and an annual journal, New York Irish History.

The New York Irish History Roundtable is a non-denominational, non-political, registered not-for-profit corporation. Its members include both professional and amateur historians and genealogists.

Membership is open to all.

New York Irish History Roundtable Officers, 2024

John Ridge, President
Linda Dowling Almeida, Vice President
Geoffrey Cobb, Vice President Local History
Eileen Sullivan, Vice President for Family History
James G. O’Shea, Treasurer
Kathleen Walker, Publicity Coordinator
James Garrity, Webmaster
Clare Curtin, Corresponding Secretary
Frank P. Naughton, Editor