This index complements Index I, and covers articles and reviews published during 2002–2018 in New York Irish History, volumes 16–31. It displays the contents pages of these seventeen volumes as originally published. The volume number & year of publication for each journal is shown at the bottom of each contents page.*

To find articles and reviews in volumes 16–31, researchers may use the “search document” feature on their toolbars to locate materials relevant to their searches. For example, seeking information about the Irish in Brooklyn and searching for “Brooklyn” in these contents pages reveals items published in volumes 17, 22, 29, and 30 of New York Irish History. Information about obtaining volumes containing specific articles and reviews is provided on the “NYIHR Journal” page, listed under “Publications,” on this website.

*To find articles and reviews published in New York Irish History in volumes 1–15 (1987–2001), Use Index I developed by Mary Nahon Galgan, which is listed under “Publications” on our home page.


Download the PDF for an Index to the New York Irish History Journal Volumes 16–31 by clicking here.